Hunter Mason is committed to providing a healthy, safe and productive workplace for all employees, visitors and contractors. Hunter Mason will manage the risks and hazards that may affect the health and safety of personnel in the workplace, by providing safe systems of work through the following initiatives:

  • Communicate this policy to all staff as they commence with Hunter Mason and at regular intervals.
  • Demonstrate our commitment to Health and Safety to all interested parties actively engaging in risk and hazard identification of the work place prior to commencement of works.
  • Consult and develop effective control measures to manage identified risks / hazards in line with WHS legislation, in the form of a site safety plan and / or project risk assessment to record controls agreed.
  • Provide and ensure appropriate supervision, information and induction into procedures relevant to the workplace and tasks for all personnel, as deemed necessary to provide a healthy and safe work place.
  • Monitor compliance and effectiveness of controls through inspections, task observations and audits. In consultation, evaluate concerns raised to refine control measures to better manage the risks or hazards.
  • Consult with employees with respect to any changes to work practices or procedures, which may affect their health and safety at work. Foster open communication with management to identify risks.

Hunter Mason senior management will address issues raised under this policy, being responsible to facilitate a review process through consultation with employees on WHS issues such as,

  • Investigating potential risks to health and safety at the place of work, develop and implement revised procedures as required, fostering continued improvement in preventing work place illness or injury.
  • Review investigation findings to ensure procedures and controls in place were followed. If necessary, revise procedures and control so risk to health and safety is eliminated or mitigated as best can be.

Hunter Mason WHS policy goals are:

  • Continually improve health and safety in our place of work for all to go home injury / illness free.
  • To meet our obligations under the Work Health and Safety act, regulations and related legislation, plus the criteria of ISO 45001:2017 relevant to Hunter Mason’ activities.
  • To minimise medically treated injuries and achieve zero lost time injuries.
  • Foster engagement with Hunter Mason’ staff with our safety and induction programs, reporting injuries and incidents and follow all safety directions, regulations and procedures.

This policy together with the measurable objectives and targets will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it remains relevant and suitable to the operations of Hunter Mason

Matthew Callender
Managing Director

Date: 25/06/2018

POL 02
Rev – A
Rev Date; 12th Dec 17

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